About Us

Kitsquad was set up in 2020. The concept is very simple. Many people are willing to donate their adventure gear, much of which is considered surplus to their requirements. Many people on a low income cannot afford to buy the gear they need to enable them to get out into our beautiful countryside safely and comfortably. Kitsquad simply operates as a platform where donated kit can be collected and then gifted to low-income individuals.

Kitsquad Founder

Generally, too much gear ends up unnecessarily in landfill. It can take up to 1000 years for a pair of shoes or boots to break down and 400 years for clothing. We are moving away from being a throwaway society and more focus is being made on reusing and recycling where we can. Kitsquad supports this ethos.

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Kitsquad was founded by Fran Pearson. Fran lives in the beautiful county of Shropshire, with her two children. She had to give up work in 2016 and become a full-time carer for a family member. As a single parent, this meant the household lost their only full-time salary and from that point, they became reliant on benefits. This period of time was extremely tough and to enable her to address and rebalance her physical and mental health, Fran would often head into the countryside for hikes and wild swimming. This is something they also did as a family, so when the children bought home their scout hiking and camp kit lists the impact on them as a family was manageable as they already had the gear. It did make Fran release that many people may well be missing out on these opportunities as a result of having a lack of funds and the incorrect gear. From this thought, the concept of Kitsquad was born.

Speaking Events

Fran is available to speak about the journey towards building Kitsquad into the success that it is today, both from the perspective of Kitsquad and also my own journey too – please use the Contact Us to invite Fran to speak at your event….

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