Kitsquad opens new Crowdfunder page

kit squad and crowdfunder

Help Kitsquad raise some funds

Kitsquad gains no revenue from the work that it does. This means that we are 100% reliant on donations, fundraising and grants to enable us to keep operating.

This crowdfunded is to seek ongoing financial support to enable us to keep running. Our running costs come in every month between £2,000 – £2,500. This is how these monthly costs are broken down:

Rent £1,200 (light industrial unit, inclusive of office and warehouse)

Service charges (electric, water, site fees) £500 *

Courier costs £250 *

Insurance £30

Cleaning products £40 *

Telephone £15 *

Website £15

* These prices are subject to change based on how busy we are and the costs within the amenities changing.

Without this ongoing financial support, we would simply be unable to keep operating.

Visit the Kitsquad Crowdfunder page and help Kitsquad cover their monthly running costs

You can also find out more by watching this YouTube video.

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