Corporate Partnerships

A big thank you to our Corporate Supporters. We welcome invitations for collaborations from other companies. Please contact us to discuss this further.

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Burton McCall logo

Burton McCall has forged an exciting new partnership with Kitsquad. They are a marketing and distribution company for many outdoor brands and they are supplying us with regular donations of amazing gear. We are very grateful for their ongoing support and donations.

Rohan Gift Your Gear logo

Rohan Gift Your Gear

We are absolutely delighted to have been selected to be one of the recipients for Rohan’s Gift Your Gear Initiative. These scheme allows their customers to donate their surplus gear, which is then passed onto schemes across the country.

The Alpkit Consortium

The Alpkit Consortium

The Alpkit Consortium have been fantastic at passing on gear that has been donated to them. This has all been funnelled strait into our stock that goes out to our beneficiaries. We are delighted to have their support and this reinforces the circular economy within the outdoor community.


Craigdon Mountain Sports has been incredibly proactive in forging a great relationship with Kitsquad. They have sent us the most amazing donations of new and nearly new gear. All perfectly useable, some maybe has a loose stitch or a scuff. We’re delighted that they actively sought us out and now honour us with regular donations. Keeping this gear out of landfill and getting it used is an ethos we adhere to and Craigdon Mountain Sports support is in doing this. We really are very grateful for all the donations of amazing gear they send us.