Kitsquad Ambassadors

Thank you to all our supporters, corporate partners and ambassadors – you are helping Kitsquad fulfil its goal to assist low-income people to get into the great outdoors and have awesome adventures. If you would like to become a Kitsquad sponsor or ambassador please contact us.

Cath Pendleton

Kitsquad is absolutely delighted to announce that the incredible Cath Pendleton has come on board as an Ambassador. Cath, also known as “The Merthyr Mermaid”, achieved a Guinness World Record for being the first female to swim a mile inside the Antarctic Polar Circle. In addition, Cath has swum the English Channel and is working towards completing the Ice Sevens Challenge.

Cath is a great advocator for getting people outdoors and wild swimming, recognising the physical and mental benefits in doing so. We are thrilled to have her waving the Kitsquad flag

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