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Our goal is to assist low-income people with getting out into the great outdoors, having awesome adventures. Kitsquad is the only UK based scheme that provides donated secondhand adventure gear to low-income individuals.

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Getting out into nature is well documented as being beneficial to mental and physical wellbeing.  For many on a low income, being able to access the countryside can still be unachievable because they lack the necessary and responsible gear and lack the funds to purchase it. Kitsquad enables these people to go out and experience the benefits that nature has to offer, using the correct and comfortable gear.

All the equipment and clothing that is sent to our recipients, has come in from the many amazing donors with the outdoor adventure community. Without whom, this scheme would not succeed. Kitsquad is middle ground enabling the donor to support the recipients.

The other beneficiary is our planet. As a culture, we are rapidly moving toward reusing and recycling where possible and Kitsquad supports that ethos too.


  • Kitsquad is just brilliantKitsquad is just brilliant

    I'm a single mum and I work part-time. My income is topped up with tax credits. Both me and my son are keen bikers and wanted to do a minibike packing expedition. We had the bikes, but not much else. Kitsquad supplied us with bike panniers and a lightweight tent. We've planned our trip for the Easter holidays and we cannot wait! Kitsquad is just brilliant, it helps people like us have real adventures. We are big into reusing and recycling and love that potential we are using donated kit that may have been destined for landfill!

  • Very understandingVery understanding

    I lost my job as a result of the pandemic and my mental health started to suffer. I joined a local wild swimming group and I have found it's been the most effective way for me to address my dark days. I contacted Kitsquad, as I wanted to keep swimming over the cooler months. They were able to supply me with a wetsuit and a flask – complete with a sachet of hot chocolate! They were very quick to respond and very understanding of my situation. Being short of cash is really hard, but knowing that there are people out there who are willing to help is really reassuring.

  • Thank you so muchThank you so much

    I am extremely appreciative of the outdoor gear that you have kindly gifted me with. Financial hardship as a student can be extremely overwhelming and for the longest time I felt excluded and held back in partaking in outdoor activities with friends because of not having suitable equipment. So I am incredibly grateful to no longer have this barrier and to now feel better equipped to begin my outdoor experience and go on hikes! Which I have been longing for. Thank you so much.

  • A very grateful GrandadA very grateful Grandad

    We are Grandparents Who love getting outdoors. We have three of our Grandchildren living with us due to unforeseen circumstances and they have all wanted to get out to the outdoors with us but it was proving quite expensive to kit all three out with the boots and clothing required to be safe and waterproof when out walking. I saw an advertisement on a Facebook walking page for Kitsquad, it said they could help with kit for low-income families. I contacted Kitsquad and I have to say within days I received all the kit required for the three kids. I wasn't even asked for the cost of the postage. I couldn't have done it without the amazing help of Kitsquad. Once the kids have outgrown the kit, it will be donated back to this fantastic cause. What an awesome idea !! How come no one has thought of doing this before. Thank you Kitsquad from a very grateful Grandad

  • I am forever grateful.I am forever grateful.

    I reached out to Kitsquad regarding some support to help me access the outdoors. They were quick replying, put me at ease, and so very kind and helpful. I now can access different terrains, as I have boots. Stay dry and sleep out in my bivvy, which will all improve my mental health and wellbeing massively. I am forever grateful. I couldn't have done this without the help. Thank you so much

  • Thank you Kitsquad.Thank you Kitsquad.

    I cannot thank Kitsquad enough, what a brilliant idea.

    I received a lovely package to help me take my young grandson on his first camping trip. I am looking forward to getting him enjoying the outdoors and using this service has made it more affordable for me.

    It not only has helped me out by providing some essential equipment but has also given the kit a new use.

    Excellent for the pockets and the environment. What is there not to love! Thank you Kitsquad.

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