Kitsquad to Meet Running Costs Through Gear Sales

Two walkers helping each other

Kitsquad is growing fast and working with all our fabulous donors we are helping more and more people go on wonderful adventures.  

This growth and the associated administration and overheads mean that we have reached a point where we need to consider more effective ways to meet our costs going forward.  Our current model is no longer sustainable if we want to meet all of our goals, and we find ourselves in a position where we need to generate some additional revenue to cover our core costs.

For this reason, we have decided that any donations of clothing and/or equipment that we receive from the general public have the possibility of being sold with 100% of the money received used to support running Kitsquad. These items will probably be sold via social media (e.g., Facebook Marketplace) and we will keep you updated on progress. 

Donors will be able to opt out of this initiative, but only if they advise us that they do not want their donation to be sold and only gifted to a Kitsquad recipient.  (Unfortunately, we get a lot of donations, and it would be impossible to find the time to contact every donor and ask if they are happy for their donations to be sold and/or gifted.)

Once again thank you for all your support….

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