EcoSki to link up with Kitsquad


EcoSki is in the process of linking up with Kitsquad, to offer customers the chance to donate unwanted items directly to Fran.

EcoSki is helping skiers make better choices, limit unnecessary purchases (and waste) and keep this hard-wearing kit in circulation for longer. 

To do so it has provided 4 very clear choices: Repair, Rent, Preowned or New “kit with a conscience”. All of which will be providing a more positive step toward a circular solution. 

EcoSki is a fantastic scheme that hire out ski wear, challenging the need to buy the necessary kit, which might only be needed for a few weeks of the year. Again, this works well in reducing the costs for those participating in this sport. As well as promoting Kitsquad, they also send out pre-paid postage bags within their own parcels. These pre-paid envelopes are addressed to Kitsquad and they encourage their clients to send any additional outdoor adventure gear to Kitsquad. Their support is a great asset to Kitsquad, who relies on donations. We really look forward to this working relationship to continue to grow in the future.

Read more about EcoSki and the link up…

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