We are collaborating with some wonderful companies and organisations to help Kitsquad meet its goals. You may also like to meet our ambassadors and corporate partners.


EcoSki is a fantastic scheme that hire out ski wear, challenging the need to buy the necessary kit, which might only be needed for a few weeks of the year. Again, this works well in reducing the costs for those participating in this sport. As well as promoting Kitsquad, they also send out pre-paid postage bags within their own parcels. These pre-paid envelopes are addressed to Kitsquad and they encourage their clients to send any additional outdoor adventure gear to Kitsquad. Their support is a great asset to Kitsquad, which relies on donations.


KitUp is an initiative where they encourage owners of outdoor gear to hire it out. Addressing the need for a more sustainable economy, whilst providing a platform where people can try before they buy and/or giving low-income individuals the opportunity to participate in sports that have previously been unobtainable to them due to the high costs involved. A fabulous scheme that Kitsquad fully support and we look forward to continuing to work closely with them in the future.